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5 benefits of an employee workout program

Every business owner wants the best for their employees, and workplace benefits are more expectation than exception nowadays - whether that's a company car, office parties or something else. But what if there’s a way to invest in your employees’ welfare while also benefiting your business’ working environment?

By starting a corporate workout plan, you're not only treating your employees to happy minds & healthy bodies, but also to improved performance and therefore a better workplace & business.

Today we're sharing 5 amazing benefits of introducing an employee fitness program. And better yet, we’re going to explain exactly how you can get started with your very own.

Get started with Corporate fitness plan

Keeping your team healthy

#1 Perks of the job

Every business wants to be able to boast a strong employee benefits scheme. Including an employee workplace fitness program makes for a solid centrepiece, offering something not every would-be employee has the money or the motivation to pursue.

Not only does this kind of scheme appeal to potential employees, but is also a strong sell point to your existing team. Perks of the job keep morale high and encourage staff retention.

#2 Promotes teambuilding (organically!)

We’ve all had to sit through an awkward “team-building exercise”, so why not focus on exercise of a different nature? The shared experience of an office-wide fitness program is a great way to get staff talking and bonding through a mutual interest - and one that doesn’t involve the office.

#3 Promotes good mental health

Even in your dream job you’re bound to be stressed from time to time, and that’s before life in general is thrown into the mix. For most of us, this pressure can build up when we don’t have the right outlet.

Structured exercise not only promotes better mental health by stress reduction, but refocuses our minds and boosts an overall sense of wellbeing. Completing a workout at the end of a frustrating day is a great way to gain a sense of achievement quickly, and avoids us dwelling in a negative mindset.

#4 Helps keep your team healthy

We all want to feel our best, and one surefire way to build a happy team is to have a healthy team. It’s easy to drop the ball with a healthy lifestyle when we’re not active; even the everyday office grind can contribute - how many of us have ached from poor posture at our desk?

Looking out for your team with a great fitness program lowers the chances of absences and can help with healthcare costs (for both you and your team members). And best of all, your team will benefit from the health kicks outside of work too.

#5 Improves working approaches

As well as working up a sweat, achieving our fitness goals is the result of finding a great mindset and motivation. Remember the transferable skills you drummed into your CV? Well an employee workplace fitness program offers plenty which can boost work ethic and productivity.

Setting achievable goals you’re determined to get to? Check. Visualising success? Most definitely. Learning and refining new techniques? Absolutely. There are plenty of benefits from a fitness program which bolster productivity and translate into results.

It also helps break down barriers between management and other staff through the shared experience of exercise. And if your company is involved in fundraising, fitness challenges also make for a great way to raise money by sponsoring.

How to get started with an employee fitness program today

How to get started with an employee fitness program today

There are so many benefits to an employee workplace fitness program which bring so much to you, your employees and your business. So how do you get started with an employee fitness program?

With the trainn app, your entire team will get their own personalised training plans developed by a Personal Trainer to suit any fitness goal. The good thing is that it’s completely customisable to each employee - whether they’ve got plenty of gym experience or none at all. Whether they enjoy training in a gym or at home.

Even though we’re all working towards the same goal of becoming healthier, stronger and fitter in our everyday lives, trainn designs complete unique journeys for each individual. Sign up now and save up to 50% on all trainn memberships.

How to sign your workplace up for the trainn app:

2: Scroll down and fill in the form to join corporate plan

3: Within 24 hours a member of trainn will reach out with further instructions based on the Corporate Plan you choose

4: Your employees will get a unique signup link to download and join the trainn app


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Start your fitness journey today 💪🏼

Download trainn to start your personalised workouts & healthy habits. 14 day free trial.

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