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Treat your employees to happy minds & healthy bodies with up to 40% off your trainn app subscription

Good for your employees. Even better for your company.

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Increased productivity

Increase your employees happiness, health & productivity by up to 90%

Togetherness & community

Give your employees a sense of togetherness and the opportunity to motivate and support each other in their fitness journey 

Value for money

Instead of only being able to offer your employees a gym membership, with trainn you're also offering them expertise, support & accountability from a personal trainer.

How it works

Join our corporate programme and receive unique discount codes for your employees to start their trainn subscription and personalised fitness journey. Some of our features include:

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Personalised journeys

Chat with your trainer & set your preferences to create your personalised fitness journey

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Training plan

Sweat along every week to your completely personalised training plan. At home or in the gym

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Progress tracker

Feel motivated by tracking your progress in weight, nutrition & workouts

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Weekly check-in

Set yourself up for a good week with Sunday check-ins with your trainer


the personal trainer in your pocket

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Trainn App Workout view

Make the most of your workouts.

Life is busy. Make your workouts count, so you can get back to going about your day

Feel accomplished.

Ahh.. the feeling of ticking things off on a to-do list. Complete your weekly goals & set your healthy habits for extra motivation to stay on track

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Trainn App Goals

The smart & customisable fitness app, that creates your personalised fitness journey so you can reach your goals.

Effective workouts. Healthy habits. Everlasting results.

Our corporate programmes

Basic Corporate plan

💡 Perfect if you just want to treat your employees to 3 months of workouts & healthy habits

​This plan includes:

  • 3 month subscription to trainn for all or selected # of employees

  • 0 - 2000 employees

  • No fixed contract

  • After the 3 months employees can continue at their own expense

Premium Corporate plan

💡 The go-to if you want to treat your employees to long term results & healthy habits

​This plan includes:

  • Lifetime subscription to trainn for all or selected # of employees

  • 0 - unlimited employees

  • 6 month contract

  • Ongoing partnership

  • No expenses for employees ever

Save up to 40% on trainn app subscription with a corporate plan.
Price depends on # of employees. Contact us to get a quote for your business.

We are always looking to help more businesses thrive with happier & healthier employees

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