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"Learn everything I do to feel healthier, get stronger & build healthy habits"

Sarah Louise, Personal Trainer

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Hi, I'm Sarah Louise 👋🏼


I am one of the personal trainers on trainn, as well as the founder & creator of it all.

My aim is to take you on a personalised fitness journey to a body you love and a lifestyle you can maintain. Real advice. Real results.


After coaching thousands of clients for nearly a decade and gathering lots of experience, I have designed methods that are proven to make your results stick with you forever.

Take your fitness to the next level, regain confidence and create a consistent routine through personalised workouts, weekly goals, healthy habits & expert advice. All unique to you.

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8 ways to improve your strength workouts

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12 tips for eating healthy at restaurants

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Workout advice, high-protein recipes & healthy habits

straight to your inbox ✉️

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