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This new personalised workout app will sculpt & strengthen your body

Bonus: It comes with your own personal trainer!

New fitness app 2022. The personal trainer in your pocket

I think we can all agree that what we want the most, when it comes to our fitness journey, is to build a strong & toned body we feel amazing in! And if you’re like us, you’ve probably tried plenty of 30-day online workout plans that just don’t seem to do it for you. They’re either too tough or too easy, you don’t have the right equipment or you simply lose motivation halfway through because no one is there to push you.

Well, lucky for you this brand new fitness app, trainn, aka. “the personal trainer in your pocket” is just what you need. Designed by personal trainer, Sarah Louise, trainn creates a completely personalised training plan for you. Enter your goal, set your preferences, select your equipment and there you have it - more personalised workouts than you could ever dream of. And the best part of it all is the workouts change with you as you get stronger.

“This app is literally everything you need to get on track and stay on track. Forget all about generic training plans. These workouts change with you week after week as you get stronger” says Sarah Louise.

Our team tried the app for a few weeks and our sweaty (and smiling) faces said it all - we love it! With weekly goals to complete and new workouts every week it was easy to stay on track. And if we ever had a question we could simply message Sarah Louise directly through the app.

We set our plan to 4 workouts per week, so here’s what our week of workouts looked like:

Trainn app fitness app to sculpt your body
Your workouts are designed based on how many times per week you workout. Super personalised, if you ask us!

Why should you follow a personalised training plan?

There are tons of benefits to following a personalised training plan. We asked Sarah Louise, and here’s what she said:

  • You’ll get the exact workouts you need to get results

  • It’s much more effective

  • It’s fun & motivating because you enjoy the workouts more

  • It gives you a purpose with your training and something you can see progression in

  • It means you don’t have to think or make up a workout on the spot

Not only will a personalised training plan give you more effective workouts, but it will also be the support you need on those days where you’re tired after a long day at school or work and just need to switch off with a workout. By having a plan already made for you, it’s so much easier to just pop in, get your workout done and get on with your day-to-day tasks.

So yes, we highly recommend downloading the trainn app. And, bonus: there's a 14-day FREE trial if you want to test it out before committing. Click below to activate


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Start your fitness journey today 💪🏼

Download trainn to start your personalised workouts & healthy habits. 14 day free trial.

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