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The top corporate fitness plans for your workplace

Introducing a corporate fitness plan packs so many benefits for your workplace. From building a happy and healthy team to boosting productivity in the business, it’s no surprise that so many companies are introducing them, and that the choice of fitness plans is greater than ever.

With so many important factors, from costs to timescales and extra perks, it’s important to make sure you select the best possible fitness plan for you and your employees. That’s why we want to outline why trainn is a fantastic choice of training plan, with two separate tiers to cater for your specific wants and needs.

And compared to our individual membership plans, joining our corporate plan offers savings up to 50% on the usual subscription!

What is the trainn app?

trainn offers your team a personal trainer in their pocket. Wherever they are on their fitness journey, from complete beginner to an everyday gym-goer, their in-app trainer will build them a personalised training plan bespoke to them.

As well as their own personalised training plan, the trainn app offers:

  • Exclusive content: access to a huge library of workout challenges, core workouts and follow-along stretch routines.

  • Accountability: weekly check-ins with your personal trainer every Sunday so you can stay on track with your fitness goals.

  • Flexibility: all workouts are adjusted to your fitness level and the equipment you have available. Both at home, outdoors or in the gym.

  • Progress: easily track your progress whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight.

  • Weekly healthy habits you can set to build a healthy, positive lifestyle.

The 2 corporate fitness plans

Trainn: basic corporate plan

Perfect for: treating your employees to 3 months of workouts and healthy habits with no long-term commitment for you as a company.

As well as all the trainn benefits we’ve mentioned, our basic plan has plenty to offer on a shorter term basis:

  • 3 month subscription to trainn for every employee

  • Just a one-off payment from your company

  • A monthly live workout for all of your employees

And at the end of the 3 months, your team can continue using their trainn account by paying for our personal plan.

Trainn: premium corporate plan

Perfect for: treating your employees to long-term workout and healthy habits to deliver lasting results

Our premium corporate plan is our most popular. With this plan all your employees will have a lifetime subscription to trainn for as long as they work for you. As well as the trainn app benefits you expect, you can really deliver a successful, sustainable and flexible fitness plan to your team:

  • Lifetime subscription to trainn for all your employees

  • No expenses ever for employees

  • Payment every six months from your company

  • A monthly live workout for all of your employees

Join our corporate plan

The trainn app corporate plans are an excellent choice for your business and employees. It offers the ultimate flexibility while not losing the professional input of a personal trainer, who offers tailored and adaptable workout plans to suit every individual.

Our popular premium plan especially is the gateway to sustainable, lasting fitness results which can translate into plenty of workplace benefits too.

The cost of our plans depends on the number of employees you have, so there’s no better time to get in touch to enjoy the trainn app - with the ability to save up to 50% as a corporate user. Click below to sign up:


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Start your fitness journey today 💪🏼

Download trainn to start your personalised workouts & healthy habits. 14 day free trial.

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