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Written by Bill Wynne • Updated Dec 28, 2021

42 Ideas for Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

It’s almost that time of year again! With December nearly over, you might already be thinking up resolutions to kick off a Healthy New Year.


Moving into a new month and a New Year can be a great mental boost for changing habits, so having some great healthy resolutions in advance is a massive head start.

If you need inspiration, here are 42 ideas for New Years resolutions we love at trainn ✨ How many of these will you be implementing?

42 Ideas for Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Eat & drink healthily 🍜  Nutrition New Years Resolutions

Sooo much of eating healthy is in the planning! How much & how healthily you prep shapes exactly what’s going to be on your plate all week long.

1. Write a (healthy) shopping list every week to limit the spontaneous treats

2. Find 2 high protein ingredients to always stay stocked up on. Could be chickpeas & red lentils

3. Meal prep every Sunday for the week ahead

4. Find a new recipe every week

5. Decide on a ‘core’ healthy meal to cook every week. My favourite is Mediterranean Roasted Veg with chickpeas

6. Have at least 1 meat-free day per week

7. Swap sodas and fizzy drinks for flavoured waters

8.Cut down on dairy. Try buying one plant-based sub at a time

9. Include vegetables with every lunch & dinner. Serve as sides if not in a recipe

10. Eat the rainbow! Look for whole foods which aren’t just green

11. Eat fruit everyday - smoothies are great for boosting your intake.

12. Keep kitchen space clean & tidy. Try to clean up as you go along - tidy space, tidy mind

13. Try some of these healthy tips for eating out!

Workout wins 💪🏼 Workout New Years Resolutions

The big mindset shift for me was thinking beyond what I can achieve in a month. What's important is creating habits so I can also enjoy the days, weeks & months that come after the initial boost of motivation.

14. Every Sunday, plan your workouts for the week

15. Work with a personal trainer to develop a personalised fitness regime

16. Join a gym or set up one at home

17. Keep home workout space tidy & easily accessible

18. Set realistic fitness goals - ones you can sustain and build on

19. Invest in comfy running shoes

20. Aim for at least 10,000 steps a day

21. Try new exercises or start working out with a friend

22. Stretch more after workouts. Write down a few stretches you can do

23. Start running. Perhaps set a goal to run a 10K

24. Declutter your social media for people who make you feel less good about yourself. Remember: No two fitness journeys are the same. 

25. Follow a personalised training plan

26. Take progress pictures every 2 months

27. Reward your achievements! New gym gear’s a great shout… 😉

42 Ideas for Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

Healthy lifestyle 💃 Healthy New Years Resolutions

Great habits should support every part of your life, not just the gym. Building a healthy, active & satisfying lifestyle boosts your workout mindset too, so it’s a win-win on both fronts.

28. Set phone reminders to move at least once per day 

29. Get 7-9 hours sleep per night. And get up before 10am on weekends

30. Be mindful of screentime. Especially late evenings when you’re winding down

31. Don’t take work home with you – de-stress when the day’s done

32. If you have a garden, try growing vegetables

33. Make outdoor plans on weekends

34. Surround yourself with positive & active friends

35. No smoking 

36. Take up that sport or class you’ve always wanted to

37. Explore beyond your local area, step #20 says thanks

38. Start a new hobby

39. Write a to-do list every morning

40. Read a book every month

41. Start listening to podcasts that inspire or interest you

More than one month 📆 Healthy New Years Resolutions

42. Remember you’re human: big change doesn’t happen overnight

The changes you want aren’t going to magically appear 30 days later, but many small changes can take you further than you think - and you'll be able to keep the progress you make.

An easy way to kick off your Healthy New Year and reach your fitness goals is to sign up to the trainn app. We’ll design you a personalised training plan & weekly goals to achieve so you can be your strongest, healthiest & most confident self.

So rather than making it a 30 day fad, make it a Healthy New Year and join trainn today! The results you want with the support you need.

Bill Wynne

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