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3 delicious high protein snacks (+ recipes)

We all reach that time of the day when it’s not quite lunch or dinner yet and we really need a snack. And when your stomach’s rumbling, it’s all too easy to pick the option which might not be in line with your muscle-building goals. For more detail on why protein is key for this, check out our lean muscle eating guide.

I’m going to show you 4 super easy recipes for high protein snacks. They’re perfect for getting you through your workouts or a busy rest day.

3 high protein snacks and recipes you'll love roast chickpeas

#1 Super crispy chickpeas 🔥

1 serving 244 calories • 18g protein

Perfect for: lunch or afternoon snack

You can’t go wrong with chickpeas. They’re not only high in protein, but pack in plenty of minerals, vitamins and fibre - all at an incredibly affordable price. But as for the best way to serve them? I’m certain it’s roasted. They're so easy to pick at whether you're on the go or at your desk!

We’re crisping them up, oil free to add a satisfying crunch. Chili flakes are optional but really liven up the legumes 🌶️

You'll need

  • 240g (drained) chickpeas in water

  • Seasoning: salt, pepper & chili flakes

  • Lemon, juiced

How to make

  1. Preheat your oven to 200C.

  2. Rinse and dry the chickpeas, then spread evenly across a baking tray.

  3. Give the chickpeas a good sprinkle of salt, pepper and chili flakes.

  4. Roast for 15-20 minutes until crispy. Optional: Change the oven setting to grill the last 2-5 minutes, so they become a bit charred.

  5. Drizzle with lemon juice, and serve.

3 high protein snacks and recipes you'll love baked tempeh chips healthy nachos

#2 Tempeh crisps 🤌🏼

2 servings 208 calories • 21g protein per serving

Perfect for: afternoon snack

If you’re looking for one ingredient plus one protein-packed plant-based option, look no further than tempeh chips. Derived from soybeans, like tofu, tempeh makes for a fantastic substitute for crisps, delivering over 21g protein per serving.

Pair them up with a salsa dip, these dips tend to be lower in fat, and with the tempeh offer nachos with a nutritional twist! 🍅

You'll need

  • 100g tempeh

  • Seasoning: garlic powder, smoked paprika & ground cumin

  • Optional: salsa dip to serve with

How to make

  1. First off, we’re preheating the oven to 190C.

  2. In a bowl, combine the garlic and paprika - this is going to season our chips.

  3. Cut the tempeh into triangles: start by halving the block, then slicing the halves diagonally, and finally chopping the individual ‘chips.’

  4. Place the tempeh triangles on a baking tray and sprinkle over the seasoning.

  5. Put them in the oven for about 10 minutes, then flip. Cook for another 10 - while making sure they don’t burn.

  6. Leave to cool, serve up with salsa if using.

3 high protein snacks and recipes you'll love berry tofu mousse dessert

#3 Berry-silky tofu mousse 🍧

2 servings 136 calories • 13g protein per serving

Perfect for: dessert

Looking for something a little sweeter? This high protein dessert is a mere 136 calories per serving, and packs in plenty of fruit with the berry mix we’re using 🫐

If you’ve not already got yourself a high-powered blender, buy one. It’ll be your new best friend in the kitchen, not just for desserts but healthy smoothies too!

You'll need

  • 350g silken tofu

  • 80g mixed berries

  • 2 tbsp maple syrup

  • Water, to help loosen the mixture

  • A blender!

How to make

  1. In your high-powered blender, turn the silken tofu into a creamy texture. Add a little water in-between blends if needed to help.

  2. Add the maple syrup, blend again.

  3. Now place in the mixed berries and blend through. Add a little water like before if necessary.

  4. Pour your colourful dessert evenly into 2 jars or glasses, refrigerate for at least half an hour.

💡 Tip: Thinning out this recipe with extra water or soya milk makes for a great protein-packed smoothie.

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