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5 tips for getting back on track with a healthy routine

We’ve all been there. One missed workout turns into one week, one week turns into two, and soon you’re beating yourself up for losing your healthy routine. Maybe you’ve been sick or on holiday, but regardless you’ve fallen out of your routine.

The most important thing to remember is it’s fine to miss workouts, and sometimes we have to accept life gets in the way. A break might have been just what your body and mind needed. Even Personal Trainers skip workouts and take breaks every once in a while.

Getting back into your healthy routine can be daunting, but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. There are plenty of ways to slowly get back on track again.

Here are 5 great tips for getting back on track with a healthy routine 👇

Workout exercise preparation healthy routine back on track

#1 Adapt your workouts: don't go too hard

If you've had a longer break from training, it can be both daunting and counterproductive to jump straight back into your regular workout routine and heavy weights. Instead, lower your expectations the first few weeks. And don't worry - your strength will be right back where it used to be in no time!

You could try to rebuild a workout routine with this approach:

  • Lower the frequency of your workouts - this can easily be done in your training plan settings in the trainn app

  • Lower your weights and increase your reps - It's a great way to still get an efficient workout without fatiguing yourself from incredibly heavy weights.

  • Pick your favourite 2 exercises for upper body, lower body and abs. Just focus on these for the first few workouts and building up strength in these.

  • Set a shorter time than usual for your workouts - even a 15 min workout is a great step back into routine. You can build this back up as your strength and motivation grows.

  • Spend 10 minutes stretching after your workouts - reward yourself, you deserve it!

  • Get a personalised training plan - if you don't at all have the knowledge or motivation to put together your own training plan, try using the trainn app.

#2 Prepare your workout schedule

Preparation is key. Especially if this is one of the reasons you fell off your healthy routine in the first place. It's important we set realistic expectations for ourselves and go with what aligns with both our lifestyle and fitness goals.

Sit down and plan ahead for the next few weeks / months. Think about your commitments outside of fitness and find the times and days you’re able to block out for exercise each week. It helps if it's the same times each day. Block them off in your calendar as "me time" or "meeting" so you don't fill it with other work / resposibilities.

Planning ahead and building a routine is also an easy way to make it consistent each week. For example, Monday could be lower body day, Tuesday could be upper body day and Wednesday could be a run. You’ll be mentally prepared to do your workouts, not simply ‘waiting’ for it to spontaneously happen.

Make sure your gym kit is washed, you’ve got healthy snacks prepared and, better yet, tell a friend that you’ll be joining them in the gym on that day.

#3 Avoid future pitfalls

Taking the time to reflect and asking yourself why you stepped back from your healthy routine will really help avoid it from happening again in the future.

Did something get in the way? Was your workout plan too intense? Did you not enjoy the workouts? Did you have unrealistic expectations with your healthy eating?

As helpful as a strict schedule can be, you must also remember that each fitness journey is individual. What works for person A might not work for person B. Reflect and adjust based on what works for YOU.

Here are some ways you can adjust your workouts and nutrition to avoid falling off track again 👇

Adjusting your workouts

  • Lower the frequency of your workouts - if you had an unrealistic expectation to how often you could go to the gym, this will really help. Adjust this easily be in the trainn app settings.

  • Find a gym closer to you (or work) - your local park might even have public equipment.

  • Look into affordable home workout equipment - if you don't have the time to go to a gym, it might help focussing on home workouts for now. Try some of the home workouts the trainn app.

  • Think where you can passively exercise in your routine - even if it’s a walk to the station.

Adjusting your nutrition

There are several ways to make your healthy eating more flexible:

  • Make healthier version of your favourite snack - always allow for all foods in your diet, especially your favourite foods.

  • Write down a shopping list - having healthy ingredients always on hand is the easiest. Write down some good protein sources, veggies nad whole grains before going to the supermarket.

  • Prep an extra portion of dinner, so you have lunch for the next day - it's minimal effort to make an extra portion while you're cooking anyway, and an easy way to have meals ready for the following day without extra cooking time.

  • When socialising, try to keep the rest of your day healthy so you can enjoy downtime without overthinking food and drink.

Adapt workouts back on track healthy routine exercise

#4 Holding yourself accountable

Sometimes we really need another person to motivate us. As mentioned, finding a gym-buddy can be fantastic for establishing a new schedule at first. Finding supportive friends (or joining a like-minded fitness class) makes you feel accountable. A great fitness app can also help you find it easier staying on track.

The best way to do this is with a Personal Trainer. Having that contact point and level of expertise means drawing up a sensible schedule and workout regime to not only get you back into routine, but to stay consistent. They’re also used to helping clients who have been struggling with maintaining a routine or finding motivation.

Trainn app get back on track healthy routine workouts

#5 How to maintain a long-term workout routine: download the trainn app

It’s important to be kind to yourself when getting back into a healthy routine, as we all take a break from time to time. As we’ve mentioned, scheduling, flexibility, adaptability and accountability are the four crucial steps to re-establishing yours. The great news is that all of these are offered within the trainn app.

Build back your routine better than ever by working with your in-app Personal Trainer to establish a training plan adapted to where you are on your journey. You’ll work out a practical schedule which you can change week-in, week-out to stay flexible with your life. And with the trainn app weekly healthy habits, you can restructure the parts of your life you want.

So why wait to get back into a healthy routine? Take the first easy step and click below to start your 14 day free trial. No commitment, but we promise you’ll love it!

Download the trainn app today!👆


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Start your fitness journey today 💪🏼

Download trainn to start your personalised workouts & healthy habits. 14 day free trial.

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