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How to make healthy food choices on holiday ... and feel amazing!

Nothing beats looking forward to a holiday. Getting ready to kick back, relax, unwind and… undo all your hard work on your fitness journey by overindulging? Don’t panic, everyone’s entitled to break, and your holiday isn’t going to set you back to square one of your goals.

But if you want to maintain your progress as much as possible, then I have good news. There are so many easy ways to make healthy food choices on holiday.

Moderation and preparation mean striking the perfect balance between holidaying and keeping on-track.

How to make healthy food choices on holiday ... and feel amazing!

Pick healthy

This one might be a no brainer. We all know how easy it is to pick the unhealthier options when it comes to snacks in-between meals. It’s even easier to pick unhealthy options when you’re sitting on a sunny beach and the ice cream vendor turns up, or in an aisle seat next to the plane’s snack trolley.

While there’s nothing wrong with holiday treats, packing some suitcase-friendly healthy snacks make for a real win. Nuts, trail mixes and roast chickpeas come in flexible pouches which slot in easily, and taking a cool bag means compact protection for protein bars prone to melting. Fruit is best bought fresh where you’re staying, and simply substituting them with dried versions can mean a massive sugar and calorie hit in comparison.

How to make healthy food choices on holiday ... and feel amazing!

Work as a team

If you’re travelling with others, make it clear that you want to make healthy choices on your holiday. You’ll find it easier to choose foods which align with your goals knowing that your friends won’t question why, nor try to tempt you with your favourite feast on the menu. They can also give you a polite nudge in a moment of a weakness!

And when you do want to indulge (and why not?), your loved ones can help by sharing things like desserts. It’s as simple as asking for an extra spoon.

How to make healthy food choices on holiday ... and feel amazing!

Avoid easy triggers

There are sooo many things on holiday which aren’t designed with healthy eating in mind. While you’ve definitely earned the right to let loose a little, it’s useful to plan ahead to avoid certain triggers being around you 24/7…

  • Hotel room minibars are so, so tempting. Having your favourite snacks right in your room is hard to turn down. Consider booking a hotel which either charges for the minibar, or forgoes it.

  • If you’re eating out or you’re all-inclusive, look for dining with menus rather than buffets. If you want to really plan ahead, even try booking healthy set menus. Check out our tips for healthy eating in restaurants too.

  • When booking activities, try to avoid any taste-testing. From cheeses to chocolates to wine, lots of small portions add up over an afternoon.

How to make healthy food choices on holiday ... and feel amazing!

Drink in moderation

I know it, you know it, we all know it - but drinking in moderation is a great healthy choice to make while on holiday. But how do you do it? First up, spirits, and therefore most cocktails yield the lowest calories. And the great thing about drinking cocktails is you can easily sub in a mocktail every other round. Just be conscious of the ingredients, as sugary syrups like grenadine are higher in calories. A great low-cal option is a mojito.

Tip: Not going too heavy every night means a better sleep. Remember, a good night’s sleep means you feel better the next day and will be more motivated to make healthy choices.

Trainn wherever you go

There’s no reason why enjoying your holiday should undo all your hard work on your fitness journey. While you definitely deserve a bit of indulgence on your break, a bit of planning and moderation will definitely pay off.

One of the great things about the trainn app is being able to adjust your workouts to any surroundings with whatever equipment you may (or may not) have available. If you’re looking for clear direction on your holiday goals, look no further!

You’ll also be able to set healthy habits for the week to feel motivated to stick to your fitness goals on holiday. So why not take some of the stress out of holiday planning with one quick download? Click below to start your 14 day free trial


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