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Written by Bill Wynne • Updated Feb 9, 2022

Can fitness apps be as effective as a personal trainer?

Going on a fitness journey alone can be tough - everything from meal planning to knowing how to workout effectively. It’s why plenty of people opt to get a Personal Trainer (PT) to make their fitness journey easier.


But while Personal Trainers remain one ever-popular option, you’ll also find plenty of fitness apps competing for your attention too. But how does the world of tech hold up against a human trainer?

In this article, we’re sharing how you can find the best fit for you, and make your fitness progress both successful and cost-effective.

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A Personal Trainer is a valuable asset to any fitness journey, but this is reflected in the cost. You’re paying for professional input rather than going alone - it’s like cutting your own fringe versus going to the hairdresser.


Let’s look at some of the biggest benefits of Personal Trainers 👇🏼

  • They teach you exactly how to get the results you want

  • As professionals, they offer expertise and knowledge in fitness, nutrition & mindset

  • They hold you accountable to your workouts and ongoing progress

  • If you’re a beginner they will correct your workout technique

  • You will get a personalised training plan 

  • On tough days they are there with motivational support


No wonder why so many of us are turning to personal trainers. You definitely get your money’s worth.

 Benefits of having a Personal Trainer 

Trainn App, Can a fitness app be as good as a personal trainer, Best Fitness Apps 2023, workout app, triann fitness

Benefits of Fitness Apps 📱 

Just like getting a Personal Trainer, there are plenty of benefits to joining a fitness app.


Here are some of our favourite reasons for downloading a fitness app vs getting a personal trainer 👇🏼

#1 Affordability

The right fitness app is a valuable - and much cheaper - alternative to a Personal Trainer.

You will not only save money on the training itself, but also by not having to pay a gym membership (or the petrol to get there). Most apps offer both at-home or outdoor workouts.

#2 Free Trial

Many fitness apps, like trainn, offer a free trial period to test them out before starting a Standard or Premium subscription. 

With a ‘cancel anytime’ policy it’s a great way to see if it’s the right fit for you before committing. Something not a lot of Personal Trainers offer.


#2 Availability


With fitness apps you can workout anytime, anywhere


You don’t have to wait for your favourite Personal Trainer to become available. You save the struggle of having to schedule workouts that fit both of your calendars.

You want to be able to strike while the iron’s hot and motivation is high. There’s no waiting lists or syncing diaries. It’s just download > sign up > start training.

#3 Endless flexibility


Many great fitness apps, like trainn, are customisable down to minor detail, which is great if your conditions change. These apps are perfectly customisable and offer instant changes.


With fitness apps you can easily change the time and frequency of your workouts as well as equipment, injuries, level of fitness and so much more. You get to put yourself and your schedule first - no need to accommodate anyone else.


And best of all? If the queue to the gym’s rowing machine isn’t getting any shorter, it’s easy to swap out exercises for your current workout.


#4 Tracking progress


Fitness apps are amazing for tracking progress and having your data easily available - it’s so useful to have everything at your fingertips on your phone.

And rather than simply throwing back numbers, apps are perfect for turning them into something easier to read. Seeing your weight loss mapped out on a chart is more inspiring and incredibly motivating.

Trainn App, Can a fitness app be as good as a personal trainer, Best Fitness Apps 2023, workout app, triann fitness

  The best fitness app for Personal Training  


The trainn app bridges both worlds as the personal trainer in your pocket.


It offers the human touch of a Personal Trainer and bespoke training plans, all at your fingertips.


No waiting lists, no juggling commitments, and all at a fraction of the cost… jump straight into creating weekly goals & healthy habits. Wherever you are, whenever you want it.

Scroll down to get download the trainn app and activate your 14 day FREE trial!

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