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The absolute best guide to reach your goals and

Burn fat & lose weight

Okay so you want to lose weight

Are you ready? Let's do this 👊🏼

Sarah Louise

Personal trainer & Founder of trainn

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Your workouts 

The workouts you do should always reflect the goals you're trying to achieve. They are one of the main elements needed to see the results you want. Here are the 3 main things we recommend you focus on:

Your nutrition

Trainn App Goals

Your nutrition has a big impact in the results we see. It will be the fuel for your workouts, as well as help your body recover after and therefore get the most of your workouts. Here are our 2 biggest tips for adjusting your nutrition to suit your goal:

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Tracking your progress

Forget about generic training plans. These are workouts designed to help you improve week after week. At home or in the gym


Build lean muscle

The best workout split to build lean muscle

Resting Between Workouts

8 ways to improve your strength workouts

Ready for the Workout

5 strength exercises every runner should be doing

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Hi, I'm Sarah Louise 👋🏼


I am one of the personal trainers on trainn, as well as the founder & creator of it all.

My aim is to take you on a personalised fitness journey to a body you love and a lifestyle you can maintain. Real advice. Real results.


After coaching thousands of clients for nearly a decade and gathering lots of experience, I have designed methods that are proven to make your results stick with you forever.

Take your fitness to the next level, regain confidence and create a consistent routine through personalised workouts, weekly goals, healthy habits & expert advice. All unique to you.

Start your fitness journey today

Start your fitness journey today 💪🏼

Download trainn to start your 14 day free trial with personalised workouts, healthy habits & advice

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