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Written by Sarah Louise • Updated August 1, 2021

My Fitness Journey: Sarah Louise
How I went from 'skinny' to strong and fit

A very active childhood and a fast metabolism is what lead to me always being considered 'small and skinny' by friends and family. This is part of what peaked my interest for fitness and teaching myself how to get strong and build muscle. I've been through many ups and downs and learned a lot on my journey to becoming the person I am today.


Read my story on why I started my fitness journey below. Hopefully it can inspire you to start your own journey one day ☺️

Resting Between Workouts

My reason for starting a fitness journey

I still remember the day it suddenly hit me and I thought to myself "Wow, I really need to do something about this and get in shape". I was with a bunch of friends and we were doing a Situp Challenge (wierd, I know...). I couldn't even do a single situp.. Not one!

Growing up, I've always been very active - whether that be from riding horses, cycling around or just running around playing with my friends. Combine that with a fast metabolism and there I was; small, skinny and weak. I didn't care much for what I ate, so I was what you would call 'skinny fat' - not overweight, but also not particularly healthy, no muscle or strength, and often feeling bloated and weak.


As I got older and my appearance became something I was more aware of, I started feeling insecure in my body. I was tired of my legs and arms being skinny, my butt flat as a pancake but most of all I was tired of how weak I felt - I couldn't walk far without my legs getting tired and my arms were not strong enough to carry anything remotely heavy. 

When my friends made comments on how small/skinny/tiny I was, it hurt a little bit on the inside. I know they meant nothing bad about it, but still it got to me every time. I was tired of being seen as "the skinny girl". I wanted to be strong, fit and healthy. I wanted to change my body. Thus my fitness journey began.

From home workouts to my first time in the gym

It was time to change. I borrowed my mums yoga mat and starting working out 4-6 times a week in my room. I'd bought a 12 week at-home training plan that consisted of high intensity training and strengthening exercises.

Oh.. how I was struggling! 🥵 The workouts were tough and I had to constantly stop and rest during even the most simple exercises.

However, I continued on and ended up seeing great progress after the first 12 weeks and therefore decided to repeat the programme for another 12 weeks. I felt amazing! I felt strong! I could already do so much more than I could in the beginning and a lot of exercises suddenly became easier

One day I decided to join my dad in the gym... it was love at first sight (or love at first rep). The gym (and the big uscle-y guys that trained in the gym) wasslightly intimidating in the beginning, but slowly I gained the confidence I needed to use more equipment, learn new exercises and lift heavier weights.

It felt AMAZING being stronger and seeing my muscles grow. 

My nutrition

Alongside started researching how I should eat to support my fitness goals and started implementing these. However, being as disciplined as I was I went ALL IN. "Limit sugar" meant cutting out ALL sugar. "Limit alcohol" meant NEVER drinking. "Limit processed food" meant making ALL food from scratch. You get the point.


I set up rules and restrictions for myself, and stuck to them 100%. It would annoy me if something unexpected came up that would mess with my plan.

Losing weight too fast

Being as active as I was and eating as 'healthy' (or so I thought) as I did, meant that I kept losing weight. I didn't see it at the time, but looking back now I was tiny. My bodyfat got down to 12-14% (a healthy range for women is 

The strength I bu


Where am I today?

Fast forward 10 years, here I am today - I have definitely come a long way from not even being able to do a single situp.

I am 10kg heavier than when I was at my lowest weight; I am stronger and fitter than I've ever been; and my mindset is the healthiest mindset it's ever been.

Throughout my fitness journey I have learnt to find the balance between nutrition and exercise while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly a healthy mindset of, of course staying disciplined, but removing guilt, restrictions and the negative thoughts in my head. I have learnt to listen to my body and see food as fuel.

I have moved over to a plantbased diet and as I'm writing this I'm almost 6 years vegan. Doing this has helped me feel better in myself and my body, it's given me more energy and has helped me create a healthy relationship with food.

I am a firm believer that anyone can achieve whatever they want, but not everyone has the knowledge of what it takes to get there. That's why I, as a personal trainer, love not telling my clients "do this, do that" but teaching them why: "Do this because, do that because". I love seeing the confidence grow in my clients as their body change and I love how strong an capable they feel to stand on their own afterwards.

We all start the same place but our journeys are different. What matters is that you start your journey! 💪🏼

If you're interested in Coaching with me download the trainn app or sign up for online coaching. I'm looking forward to getting to know you and helping you.


Sarah Louise

Personal trainer & founder of trainn

Why I started my fitness journey
Scan the menu
Modify your meas
Ask for dressing on the side
Stick to 1-2 meals
Protein and veg
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