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Designed by fitness professionals, trainn creates your personalised training plan with weekly adjustments so you can see progress with every workout

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Personalised workouts

Forget about generic training plans. These are workouts designed to help you improve week after week. At home or in the gym

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Motivating healthy habits

Receive new goals & healthy habits to complete every week. Enjoy all the extra little wins every day.

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Trainn App Goals
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Adjustable progress tracker

Guiding you as you progress and giving the best advice for you on your fitness journey

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The personal trainer in your pocket

The fitness app that adapts & adjust to you, so you can get the most out of every. single. workout.

  Make 2022 your strongest year  

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 Smash your goals with 

 Losing weight? Building muscle? Getting stronger?   Building a healthy routine? trainn can help you  


 NEW workout challenges 
every month 

 Sweaty workout finishers, soothing stretch routines or strengthening ab workouts. All for you 

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Sooo much more than "just another fitness app"

This is the personal trainer in your pocket. trainn will help you reach your fitness goals in a realistic & maintainable way because it's designed by personal trainers. Forget generic training plans & advice that doesn't work with your lifestyle. We'll make your journey, yours.

Sarah Louise

Personal trainer & creator of trainn

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Create a workout routine that lasts longer than a month

No more jumping on and off training plans. trainn designs perfectly personalised workouts for you, that get more advanced as you improve. It's the ever-changing training plan.

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Designed by personal trainers 👏🏼

Personalised workouts

A training plan designed based on your equipment, injuries & goals

Save time

Your workouts are to the point which means less faffing around

Realistic & maintainable

Proven strategies to create a fitness journey you can stick to

Save money

Great value! Cheaper, but *just as* effective, as a personal trainer

Full accountability

Personalised goals & tips from Sarah Louise every week

Strong community

Get stronger with people from all over the world

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Hi, I'm Sarah Louise 👋🏼

I'll be your personal trainer when you join trainn.

I designed trainn to take you on a personalised fitness journey to a body you love & a lifestyle you can maintain


After coaching thousands of clients for nearly a decade and gathering lots of experience, I have designed methods that are proven to make your results stick with you forever.

Take your fitness to the next level, regain confidence and create a consistent routine through personalised workouts, weekly goals, healthy habits & expert advice. All unique to you.

Start your fitness journey today 👇🏼

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Our family is growing stronger every day

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Let's do this 💪🏼

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